"Taking advantage of the evolutionary trends of the industry: a more ecological, digital and autonomous maritime industry".


“Environmental Consciousness, Technology and Artificial Intelligence will influence the Maritime Industry of the next decades”


Conference Programme


 After 28 years, the Conference has become the centre stage for maritime, port and logistics information in the region and a must for everyone in our industry. The Maritime Authority of Panama and the Panama Canal Authority, major co-organisers of the Conference, have pledged their full cooperation to ensure the success of this unique gathering in The Americas.

The occasion also offers the possibility to explore new businesses opportunities in Panama and the region since the major providers of the region´s maritime services and products and the most important ports and shipping lines, in additions to sponsoring the Conference, will be there explaining how to add value to the expanded Canal route.

Additionally –and for the first time, the issues of the banking centre providing financial services and assistance to the shipping and ancillary services industries –thanks to the new Law 50, which promotes this type of financial assistance. Also, ship and cargo insurance will be introduced, as well as the subject of maritime mortgages and local bank participation in the shipping business.

During this edition of Panama Maritime festivities will be on hand to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Panama City - 500 years of offering logistics services to the world - from the Portobello Fairs - to the expanded Canal and the regional logistics platform it has become today. The year 2019 is also a general election year in Panama –so the programme could not miss a conversation with the presidential candidates so that they have the opportunity to present their vision of Panama and how to realize the dream of becoming a true regional logistics platform.

The Honourable Mr. Kitack Lim, Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will again open the conference and exhibition and address the audience on pressing issues at IMO, including the new regulations that emanate from the MARPOL Convention to increase the efficiency of ships and protection of the environment.

The Canal Administrator will provide an update on how the expanded Canal behaves in terms of revenues and market share - and how the Canal contributes to the consolidation of Panama as a regional logistics centre. The Administrator of the Maritime Authority will give us his vision of the next 100 years of the Registry, as well as the development of port infrastructure, such as the maritime ancillary services wharf and the new cruise terminal.

The main Focal Points of the Conference are:

  • The future of ports: from current strains to the changes and innovations of the future;
  • Strengthening of the Panamanian logistics hub;
  • Automation of shipping logistics and the future of work;
  • The changing legal patterns of the shipping logistics industry;
  • Impact of artificial intelligence in a timeless industry: Maritime Transportation;
  • Environmental impact of Maritime Transportation;
  • Facing 2020: Impact of the new regulatory regime and the promotion of clean and environmentally friendly fuels;
  • Impact of international investment on the positioning of Panama as a regional logistics hub;
  • Empowering women in the shipping logistics industry;
  • The future of Panama as an agrologistics hub for the region.

The Conference Programme is packed with presentations on all-important issues impacting shipping, focusing on new regulations to ensure energy efficiency on ships; Ballast Water; the next steps after the expanded Canal and the Panama Maritime Authority`s next 100 years of the Registry and its strategy to keep the Registry ahead of all others.

Other players in the maritime industry will talk about relevant issues, such as the Canal´s future businesses; the "all water" service –a comparison between the Panama Canal and Suez routes; benefits of Canal expansion for LNG cargo, "retailers" and competitiveness of the Panamanian Ship Registry, considering major reform proposals presented by the maritime law association. The impact of the expanded Canal on the socio-economic development of Central America and the Caribbean Region will also be discussed. Of course the issue of bunkering services in Panama will also be discussed by representatives of the leading companies engaged in business in Panama and in the region –particularly in view of the year 2020 MARPOL new regulations on Sulphur cap.

Foreign investment in the context of economic incentives that Panama offers will be discussed, just as marine ancillary services permit and concession models used in Panama and other countries in the region. Technical topics of great relevance to the industry will also be discussed, including implementation of the Ballast Water Convention and the FAL 65 Convention, as well as new measures to ensure energy efficiency in the port and shipping industry.