"Taking advantage of the evolutionary trends of the industry: a more ecological, digital and autonomous maritime industry".

 “Environmental Consciousness, Technology and Artificial Intelligence will influence the Maritime Industry of the next decades”

In the Panama Maritime XIV Exhibition Hall there are more than 1,600 Square Metres of Exhibition Space; there are more than 80 Commercial stands or pavilions. During Panama Maritime 2017, 75% of visitors rated the Commercial Exhibition from good to very good and 90% of the visitors surveyed also rated the variety of exhibitors from good to very good. More than 70% of the visitors came across new products and services on exhibit and appropriate representation to start off business ideas.

It is important to remember that, in addition to at least 17 thousand ships that transit the Canal every year, there are several hundred ships that use our port installations and load up on fuel, spares and food stuff. Additionally, there is a growing “bunkering barge” fleet that provide all types of services to transiting ships —as well as a developing maritime ancillary services industry that provide products and services to the local fleet. This maritime, port and logistics conglomerate represents a growing industry, particularly interested in offering new products and services in and from Panama to the region —thereby the importance of exhibitions such as Panama Maritime 2019.

From the exhibitors surveyed, 60% indicated that this was a very good business opportunity and 70% of them had the opportunity to meet new suppliers, which is great valued-added to the Conference & Exhibit.

For visitors/delegates this is a great venue to listen to the “movers & shakers” of the shipping, port and logistics industry, whist affords them the opportunity to “network”, exchange ideas and initiate new business projects. Several returning exhibitors do so because they were able to establish themselves in the region thanks to contacts that were made during Panama Maritime.

The Maritime Chamber of Panama gathers the great majority of maritime, port and logistics business in Panama —in addition to other companies offering related services that go from banking facilities to insurance and embassies. The Chamber’s Web page offers a complete listing of members —and most of them are exhibitors themselves.



Exhibitor & Visitor Profile

  • IT and navigation
    • Alarm & monitoring systems
    • Computer systems & services
    • ECDIS suppliers
  • Propulsion & Machinery
    • Engines and spare parts
    • Propeller systems and equipment
    • Turbo chargers
  • Ship Operations
    • Ballast water treatment systems
    • Pumps and valves
    • Cranes
  • Classification societies, recognized organizations and ship registries
  • Deck equipment
  • Lawyers
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Education and training
  • Offshore equipment and services
  • Personnel and crewing
  • Ports and terminals
  •  Embassies
  •  Hotels
  • Shipping Lines
  • Safety & Rescue
  • Marinas
  • Ship building
  • Ship repairs and retrofits