The Organizers

The Maritime Chamber of Panama

 As an organization that traces its origins back to the very beginning of the Panama Canal operation, almost 100 years ago, the Panama Maritime Chamber has been able to witness the growth of the maritime ancillary services industry and the expansion of the services that maritime lawyers and shipping agencies offer the shipping industry worldwide.

This growth has undoubtedly helped make Panama a regional hub for the acquisition of products and services and a self-sustained logistics platform. Much of the success, however, is due to the enthusiasm and trust of the local and foreign investors, who despite the existing legal and operational uncertainties of the time, decided to establish their businesses locally and become part of the community.

The Panamanian maritime sector has grown increasingly during the last ten years, as a result of the development of the ports on both sides of the Isthmus, as well as the increased preponderance of the Canal for world commerce and its impact on the local ancillary services industry. The cluster is thriving and many new and more sophisticated services are offered to transiting ships and to ships calling on our ports on the Atlantic and the Pacific terminals than ever before.

With more than 180 member companies, the Panama Maritime Chamber has become a listening post, a think-tank, a forum that ensures the correct legal, regulatory and procedural climate exists, so that businesses may continue to develop and prosper, thereby contributing to the country’s GDP and, most importantly, to creating more jobs.

We hope you accept our warm and respectful welcome, hoping that through the information you find here, you will get to know our organization and our membership better, which will no doubt lead us to a longer lasting relationship. Please, feel free to refer any questions or request any additional information you might require from us –we would be delighted to respond as best we can.

The Panamanian Maritime Law Association (APADEMAR) is a nonprofit association gathering inter alia, legal professionals practicing in the field of maritime law. As an active guild, which maintains a constant participation in national life, we have suggested the introduction of different rules that have eventually become laws of the Republic, contributing greatly to the growth of the Panamanian Merchant Marine and the establishment of Panama as a World Forum for the arrest of ships.